Published: Apr 12, 2022

A New Look For The Next Generation Of Investment Professionals

Arysteq Asset Management refreshes their brand

Local boutique asset management company, Arysteq, has launched their refreshed brand this week.

“Our new brand identity represents a bold affirmation of our company, our reason for being, direction and future,” says Business Development Officer, Antoine Agenbach. “We believe it more accurately communicates our solid, home-grown foundation, sophisticated dynamism and future-fitness.”

A project six months in the making, the new branding is far deeper than just a logo. It consolidates the values and principles the company has committed to since its foundation in 2016 and highlights its focus on relationships, excellence, patience, innovation and passion.

Punching far above its weight, this bright, young, independent investment house have been challenging the status quo from the get-go. Arysteq has shown that it is a sustainable alternative with its world-class investment practices (and the remarkable results to prove it*) that directly benefits local pension funds and the investor community.

According to Managing Director, Purvance Heuer, “Arysteq is inspired to co-create a legacy of local investment excellence and accountability, fiercely proud and independent. Yet, it’s a pride without ego, and independence without the biases. We are open, humble and dedicated to the next generation. We invest in people. We invest in quality assets for the long term. We want Namibian investors to punch above their league too.”

Entirely owned and managed by Namibians, Arysteq was the first Namibian asset management company awarded a N$650 million mandate under the Government Institutions Pension Fund’s (GIPF) asset management incubation programme in 2019.

“Although we are young and small, our investment philosophy is guided by a rigorous decision-making process and a disciplined, team-based approach, aimed at mitigating behavioural biases,” says Andrew Jansen, Chairperson of the Arysteq Board. “I say small, but 7 of our current team complement of 12, is part of the investment team, making us one of the largest investment teams in the country.”

*The proof is in the pudding

Arysteq currently offers investors five investment solutions: Money Market, Balanced, Real Return, SA Equities and Global Equities. In 2021 the Arysteq Money Market Fund ranked number one over one year, the Arysteq Balanced Fund ranked number one over five years and the Arysteq Real Return Fund ranked number one over one year in the Namibian market. The South African equity mandates ranked 10th out of 66 registered funds over 10 years.

Engage with the Arysteq brand on their website (, on their LinkedIn profile, and make a coffee date. “We have really good coffee, and if you time your meeting well, our investment team just might have home-baked cookies or chocolates too,” says Heuer.

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