Message from the Managing Director

May 16, 2022
Purvance Heuer

Since 2021 and towards the end of this quarter we spent a lot of time looking at our business processes. We documented our investment and operational processes to ensure that there is a standardised guide that reflects our values and investment philosophy. Our investment manual is available on our website and publicly available for any stakeholder to read.

At the same time, we also spent much time understanding and assessing whether we treat our people right. From reviewing our human resource policies, assessing our remuneration structures, debating our optimal organisational structure, and surveying our people by assessing values, trust and personality types. By also assessing whether there is congruence in our vision, values and mission, we now believe that we have done a detailed bottom up assessment of our people.

Additionally, we looked at our working environment and took onboard the lessons that COVID-19 taught us. Matters relating to working from home, flexibility, engagement and even dress code suddenly became constant talking points. In today’s world we also must be cognizant of the social generation (Millennials and Gen Z) who are redefining being employed, culture and leadership. Understanding their motivations will be an ongoing focus area at Arysteq. Case in point being that employment is no longer transactional, staff want more than just a paycheque and being valued and adding value to the organisation became primary.

All this work has helped us understand where our strengths and weaknesses are and is helping us build a formidable business in Namibia. We believe our edge is in the consistency of our processes and our people and in the coming weeks, months, and years we hope that we can demonstrate this through our new brand. Indeed a solid launchpad for Arysteq being a global asset management business.

We’re stoked to present you with our new brand identity. It represents a bold affirmation of our company, our reason for being, direction and future. We believe it more accurately communicates our solid, home-grown foundation, sophisticated dynamism, and future-fitness.

Six months in the making, our new branding is far deeper than just a logo. It consolidates the values and principles Arysteq has committed to since our founding in 2016 and highlights our focus on relationships, excellence, patience, innovation and passion. A passion burning in us is to purposefully drive our dream of making your investment dreams come true.

Punching far above our weight, we continuously challenge the status quo to be an independent, home-grown alternative. Sophisticated and innovative, we let our results do the talking. We have already shown that we are a sustainable alternative with our world-class investment practices that directly benefits local pension funds and the investor community.

See our new logo video here

Purvance Heuer
Managing Director

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